Do your customers have the option for package delivery insurance?

We provide the world of e-commerce peace of mind by empowering customers with access to buyer protection at the ‘checkout’ that covers items Damaged, Lost or Stolen throughout the shipping process. ALL whilst adding a new and free revenue stream to your business.

Discover More What is Ship-Safely?

Your business is the heart of our business. We have tailored our insurance offering for your customers to purchase our policy during the ‘checkout’ process (during their buying experience).

Ship-Safely can help protect your reputation by empowering your customer to make the choice to insure their purchase throughout the shipping process. Our platform also enables you, as the store owner, to receive a percentage of each sale that you collect.

We offer protection of your brand, protection of your reputation, and the opportunity to create an additional profit centre in your business. When it comes time for your customers to claim, we simply re-order from your store, so you achieve another sale in your business.

How does it work?

01. Create a Ship-Safely account in under 10 minutes, it's free!
02. Find your e-commerce platform and install Ship-Safely plugin.
03. Start offering our insurance to your customer.
04. Earn up to 10% commission for each policy sold.

How the Ship-Safely platform works.

It’s completely seamless from integration to purchasing policies and making a claim. We handle the entire claims process for eCommerce shop owners so that you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

Best of all? It’s free to install.

Ship-Safely doesn’t charge a deductible or an excess and our premiums start at a fraction of your customers purchase, opening shipping insurance to everyone no matter the cost value.

You can give your buyers confidence and comfort knowing their products are insured and will be replaced seamlessly.

Why do we need your credit card information?

We do not charge you for installing our app on your store. Once a customer accepts and pays you for the insurance policy, we will then charge your nominated credit card the amount of the insurance, less your agreed commission.

As an example

Transaction Value $250 you sell worth of products to your customer
Policy Cost $3.75 premium paid to you during the checkout
We Charge $3.37 we will charge your credit card the amount less the agreed commission

* All charges to your credit card are processed daily

Integration Which platforms do we support?

Current version: 2.0


  • The original concept — 3 years ago with BigCommerce is where we started.
  • 10% commission for each policy sold through your store.
  • Technical support from a real human.
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Current version: 2.0.0


  • Our second iteration of the platform supporting WooCommerce.
  • 10% commission for each policy sold through your store.
  • Technical support from a real human.
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Current version: 1.0.0


  • Our second iteration of the platform optimised for Shopify.
  • 10% commission for each policy sold through your store.
  • Technical support from a real human.
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Current version: 1.0.0


  • Our custom plugin optimised for Magento Enterprise.
  • Custom pricing and commission model.
  • Contact us to get your API key.
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Couldn't see your e-commerce platform on the list or are you running a custom built shop?

Fret not. We are constantly adding new platform into the list of what we supports. We also provide custom integration if you are using the not off-the-shelves e-commerce solution.

Let's talk.

FAQs You've got questions, we've got answers.

Does your insurance cover worldwide shipments?
We provide cover to most countries on this planet. There are always exceptions so feel free to contact us to check.
Does the purchaser really need insurance?
Insurance is a personal choice. We are providing consumers with the option to purchase insurance where none was previously available offering an added level of comfort and security for the off chance that their purchase is Damaged, Lost or Stolen whilst on its way.
If this is free, why do we need your credit card?
Unfortunately, no platform allows you to split payments at the checkout.
Therefore, when your customers add Ship-Safely protection to their cart, you will collect the full cart value and at the end of each day,, as a licensed and regulated insurance company, needs to collect from you the value of the premiums less your commission to effect cover for the consumer.

It’s that simple.
Doesn’t the postal/courier/carrier service cover damage or lost items in transit?
Most delivery partners are not required to provide any guarantee of delivery and are not legally obliged to provide replacement of such products by law. This is a global trend and insurance can be the answer for your e-commerce store whilst protecting your customers.